S. C. Econsa Grup S.A. is the main supplier of mineral aggregate quarry in Western Romania, having as main purpose supporting the development of roads and rail infrastructure projects in the country. The company's activity covers the entire work flow, from exploration and exploitation of the quarry stone, to its processing in sorts and selling to potential customers. The launching in a favorable market context, vast experience in the mineral aggregate processing, a team of professionals, capable of assessing and addressing the market needs in record time and high quality products are only some of the assets which allowed us a fast evolution. The Econsa strategy implies establishing a strong collaboration relationship with our clients, to whom we can offer customized solutions of products at reasonable prices.

The Zam quarry in the Hunedoara County began its whinstone exploitation process in the forth trimester of 2012, after the exploration results confirmed the reserves initially estimated, as well as the opportunity to process and trade the processed stone in a relatively short period of time with the help of high technology. The geological studies estimated an A, B and C1 class whinstone reserve of 365.910.000 tons and the outlined extracting capacity for the first year is of 400,000 tons per day.

The access in the Zam perimeter is convenient, being in the vicinity of National Road 7 and the Deva-Arad railway.

Our company offers a wide range of products, amongst which crushed quarry aggregates, to be used in the asphalt mixing production, crushed quarry mineral aggregates, used in road infrastructure works, crushed quarry aggregates for railway and limestone filler gravelling. Econsa observes all the requirements and the laws in force regarding occupational health and environmental protection. The mandatory daily training that our employees participate in has as purpose promoting certain safe work techniques, with minimum impact on the environment.


PROJECT: ZAM (Hunedoara County)


PRODUCT QUALITY: Quarry stone and finely crushed rock certified by RENAR, SRAC, quarry stone A, B quality, certified by AFER

PRODUCT USE: Road and railway construction materials

GEOLOGICAL RESERVES: 365.910.000 t (C1 reserve category) 112.680.000 t (after the first year of research)

The first year = 400,000 t New Atlas Copco assembly line with 2,000 - 2,400 t/day capacity


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264-Cariera DN7 Street, 337550 Zam, Romania

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Tax Identification Number: RO 18973520
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