Strategic Zam Location

The Strategic Zam Location Whinstone quarry distinguishes itself mainly by the high quality of the extracted stone, as well as the advantage of a strategic location in reference to the local infrastructure. The access in the exploitation perimeter can be done by car from the NR 7 (E68) or by train that circulates on the Deva - Arad route.

According to the exploration project, Zam - the Varfu Fetii perimeter has a surface of 1.41 km2 and it's located on the Zam village territory in Hunedoara County. The production anticipated throughout this year is of 400,000 tons of stone, which shall be processed and sold in order to satisfy the immediate raw material needs in the road and railway construction industry.

The raw stone has a medium thickness of approximately 150m above the Valea Almasului erosion level. The laboratory tests proved the fact that 60-70% of the quarry's total reserves are of high quality, A and B stone class.


The quality of our work and the efficacy in the mining activity is based, mainly, on the use of high technology that can guarantee fast and customizable results.

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