Diabase Stone Products

Econsa offers a wide range of high quality diabase products - A and B class- corresponding to the requirements for construction materials used in road and highway construction and in the rehabilitation of the railway structures.

  • 0-4 mm Sand obtained by crushing
  • 4-8 mm Finely crushed rock
  • 8-16 mm Finely crushed rock
  • 16-25 mm Finely crushed rock
  • 25-40 mm Quarry stone
  • 40-63 mm Quarry stone
  • 31,5-50 mm Quarry stone for railway bed
  • 31,5 -63 mm Quarry stone for railway bed
  • Riddling
  • 0-63 mm Primary rock
  • 0-40 mm Primary rock
  • 0-31 mm Primary rock

Product Quality and Certifications

ECONSA prides itself with its dedications to provide high quality products to its clients. Currently we are in process of obtaining the following three quality qualifications:

1. AFER Certification
The AFER certification confirms the quality of the Econsa products in accordance with the Railways Transport Authority requirements, and implicitly the qualification as authorized supplier of construction materials for railway projects.

2. ISO 9001 Registration Certificate Quality Management

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